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Housing Solutions

HMA helps you to find a homestay family, an apartment or a house!

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English Programs

Get enrolled in some of the most affordable English schools in the USA.

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Academic Programs

Earn a degree in the US. Get accepted into an American university.

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Learning Center

Failing isn't an option: get tutoring and homework assistance!

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Holiday Planner

Enjoy visiting the US without having to plan for anything.

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Business Services

Schools, Business, Partners & More

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Students Testimonials

Saeed Almesafri, July 2016

"I'm glad I found Help Me Abroad, they understand what international students need and provide good services in no time!"

Adem M., July 2016

"Thanks HelpMeAbroad! You can't imagine how useful your information were!"

Clara Averso, July 2016

"Sophie is professional, patient and efficient. She'll help you and assist you as much as she can and will provide excellent services. Will definitely recommend to others."

Mohammed A., September 2016

"لقد تعاملت مع موقع لمساعدتي في مادة Writing 2، و ساعدني في ترتيب افكاري و الحصول على مصادر موثوقة و ساعدني ايضا في في تنسيق التعبير على MLA Style، و الحمدلله لقد حصلت على ممتاز في المادة، و انصح بتعامل مع helpmeabroad للحصول على اعلى الدرجات، شكرًا. "

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